The Wychetts books are aimed at 9-12 year olds, but adults will also enjoy the blend of magical fantasy and humour.

The stories centre around Bryony and Edwin, step-siblings who can command the magic powers stored in their home: an ancient timber framed cottage called ‘Wychetts’.

Centuries ago the Wise Ones governed the Realm of Magic, and built Wychetts as a repository for their wisdom. But the Wise Ones are no more, and five hundred years have passed since the last of these magical Guardians were vanquished by the evil Shadow Clan. Now Bryony and Edwin arrive at the cottage to unwittingly awaken the ancient power and become the new Guardians of Wychetts!

Wychetts’ magic is controlled by Inglenook, Keeper of the Ancient Wisdom, a carved wooden face ensconced above the fireplace in the living room. Inglenook acts as a guide and mentor to Bryony and Edwin, and can communicate with them through the Wychetts Key when the children are away from the cottage.

As the new Guardians of Wychetts, Bryony and Edwin have a huge responsibility; but their youthful inexperience can sometimes cause more harm than good, and they will need the help of Inglenook and the quick witted mouse Stubby to make it through their incredible adventures!

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The principal enemy of the Guardians is the Shadow Clan, a hateful coven of the most wicked witches and warlocks whose sole purpose is to spread fear and darkness across the world.

But there are more foes to be fought: giant spiders, criminal rats, walking scarecrows and a mad professor are just a few of the enemies waiting to test Bryony and Edwin!

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