It’s Bryony’s birthday, and Edwin has prepared a party for his stepsister. Then a letter arrives that changes everything, and the surprise appearance of an old acquaintance sparks a journey through time in a race to save Wychetts from a deadly magic spell.

Whilst in the dungeon, in the deep dark dankness, someone is waiting for Bryony…

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Maddy Returns!

It will come as little surprise to the more eagle eyed amongst you that the latest Wychetts story sees the return of one Malady Maddergrub (AKA Maddy), whom we first met in Tome of Terror. After all, there can only be one bespectacled green haired girl in the world, surely.

So what part will Maddy play in the latest Wychetts story? We can’t give too much away, but her unexpected arrival at the magic cottage coincides with a terrible event that puts Wychetts and the Guardians in grave peril. Luckily for Edwin, Maddy is just the girl you need in a crisis. But as you might expect, her plan to save the day isn’t totally straightforward...

Dungeon Crawlers

Dungeons aren’t nice places as a rule (it’s sort of their job spec), and the Dungeon of Dreams is no exception. Dingy corridors, slime covered walls and lethal death traps at every turn don’t make it a hot favourite on Trip Advisor. But there are other horrors lurking in the shadows: again we won’t give too much away, except to suggest that anyone unfortunate enough to find themselves wandering those dark domains will need more than a can of insect repellent and a rolled up newspaper to make it through in one piece…

A Cellmate Who’s Lost His Head

Just imagine: it’s your birthday. One minute you’re in a taxi en route to the airport to catch a transatlantic flight to America, the next you find yourself in a dank dingy cell in a horrible dungeon. Not an ideal turn of events by anyone’s standards, made even worse by the fact that your cell mate appears to have lost his head. Well, more his body actually. Even worser, he insists on telling jokes.

Every cloud has a silver lining, and it turns out this deranged old skull can help Bryony escape from the Dungeon of Dreams. But can she trust him? And who is he, anyway? And how come he knows about the Wise Ones and Wychetts?

Obviously there’s only one way you’re going to find out...

Want to know more about what awaits you in the Dungeon of Dreams? Then read on...

Wychetts and the Dungeon of Dreams

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“Welcome to the Dungeon of Dreams... the dungeon from which there is no escape, no reprieve. You are doomed to rot in the darkness, never again to feel the sun on your face. Your emaciated body will feed the ravenous rats, and your tortured soul will linger in these foul confines for all eternity...”