In the fourth Wychetts story ‘Tome of Terror’, Maddy and Edwin share a seat on the bus to the Schrunkopf Institute, and quickly become friends.

Something of a child genius, Maddy has written several books including ‘Advanced Quantum Physics for Everyday Use’ and ‘Einstein’s Theory of Relativity Explained in Third Dynasty Mongolian’ (because she says writing it in Russian would have been “too easy”).

But despite her scholarly bearing, there is something odd about Maddy. Is it her green hair and freckles? Or the fact that she can fit so many random items into her small satchel? Or maybe that she seems to know more about the Schrunkopf Institute than she’s letting on?

As Edwin discovers more about the mad Professor Schrunkopf’s schemes, he also learns the incredible truth about Maddy; but is she really his friend?