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Wychetts Paperbacks Now on Amazon.co.uk

We are pleased to announce that all four Wychetts books are now available in paperback format on Amazon stores for £4.99 each plus postage and packaging!

Sunday 3rd August 2014

Thunderstone Strikes the Shelves!

We are pleased to announce that the Kindle version of

Wychetts and the Thunderstone, the fifth book in the Wychetts series,

is now available on Amazon for pre-order ahead of release on 28th October,

at just £0.77.

Other eBook versions will be released later in the year via Smashwords.com.

A paperback edition will soon be available on Amazon.co.uk, and there will

also be a special edition hardback available directly from the author-

more details in the coming weeks!

Thursday 18th September 2014

Publishing Update

Christmas is looming like a big, tinselly Christmas shaped thing with lights on. We acknowledge that in this time of impending festive panic you probably haven’t been dwelling on where you can obtain free copies of Wychetts eBooks, but please allow us to enlighten you nevertheless...

We are pleased to announce that you can now download three of the first five Wychetts eBooks for FREE from Free-Ebooks.net, where independent writers offer both entertaining fiction/romance for your enjoyment and non-fiction to help you find info from self-help to business growth.

Read more: http://www.free-ebooks.net/#ixzz3LNmG3Trg

And of course you can still grab your free Wychetts books from Smashwords.com and Amazon.co.uk, as well as Apple iBooks, Barnes & Noble and many other websites. Just the thing for your loved ones if you’re buying them an eBook reader or smart phone for Christmas. Which, by the way, is looming slightly closer now since you’ve been reading this. Better get the sprouts on.

Tuesday 9th December 2014

Dungeon of Dreams Now Available for Kindle!

It’s the 15th of September, and that means three things:

Firstly, the weather is getting worse.

Secondly, it’s practically Christmas.

And thirdly, and least depressingly*, a new Wychetts Kindle book is now

available on Amazon!

Yes, you heard it right. Wychetts and the Dungeon of Dreams, the

penultimate story in the Wychetts series, is yours to download and enjoy!

But we can hear grunts of protest from the back of the room. Of course, the hairier and more primitive amongst you are questioning when a paperback version will be available. Fear not cave dwellers, we are in the process of felling half a rainforest so you can get your grubby clawed fingers on a good old fashioned printed copy. Stay tuned for more details!

*we hope.

Tuesday 15th September 2015