The members of the Shadow Clan are too numerous and repulsive to show in their entirety, so here are three of the vile brethren who feature in the Wychetts stories.

Nanny Carbuncle

This wart encrusted crone takes a fancy to Bill, whom she wants to take home to feed her pet slugs. Winner of the Shadow Clan Miss World contest in 1381, Nanny had the title stripped from her when it was discovered that some of her warts were cosmetic implants.

Twisted Bough

Possessed by the souls of a thousand hanged criminals, this ancient tree was left to watch over Wychetts for five hundred years before Bryony and Edwin arrived to awaken the power of the Wise Ones. Twisted Bough didn’t mind

though, as he’s not too keen on commuting.

The Dark One

Shrouded in robes woven of pure night, the Dark One consists of nothing but shadow. Evil incarnate, the leader of the Shadow Clan will stop at nothing to wage eternal war on the Guardians of Wychetts, and has been responsible for many tragedies that have befallen mankind, such as flood, plagues, and Daytime TV. Likes to be known as Colin.