The fourth book in the Wychetts series

by William Holley

“The Tome Terriblis is different to most spell books,” explained Inglenook. “Instead of reading the spells, you have to write them yourself. The power in the Tome takes the words and turns them into magic.”

Bryony’s lips curved into a smile. “So whatever I write would actually happen?”

“Indeed. But as I said, the book is not for lending. If the Tome Terriblis fell into the wrong hands, the results could be catastrophic.”

Secretly ‘borrowing’ the Tome from the Wychetts library, Bryony uses its magic to make her the brainiest pupil in her class, and unwittingly wins a place at a special new school for intellectually gifted children.

Suspecting Bryony of cheating, the jealous Edwin discovers the Tome and takes Bryony’s place. All seems to be going well when he makes a new friend, but Edwin soon realises the green haired girl called Maddy is not all she seems, and that the Schrunkopf Institute is hiding a sinister secret.

Unable to use their own magic, Bryony and Edwin must stop the crazed Professor Schrunkopf conducting his twisted experiments, and prevent the power of the Tome Terriblis being unleashed by a vengeful witch...

Meet Maddy

Maddy and Edwin share a seat on the bus to the Schrunkopf Institute, and quickly become friends.

Something of a child genius, Maddy has written several books including ‘Advanced Quantum Physics for Everyday Use’ and ‘Einstein’s Theory of Relativity Explained in Third Dynasty Mongolian’ (because she says writing it in Russian would have been “too easy”).

But despite her scholarly bearing, there is something odd about Maddy. Is it her green hair and freckles? Or the fact that she can fit so many random items into her small satchel? Or maybe that she seems to know more about the Schrunkopf Institute than she’s letting on...

The Schrunkopf Institute of Knowledge

Founded by Professor Franz Gottlieb Englebert Schrunkopf, the Institute is a new school set up to teach intellectually gifted children.

But on his arrival Edwin finds the campus is not quite what he expected, and the eerie Madame Voltaria is far from welcoming to the new pupils.

Edwin puts his uneasiness aside to focus on passing the induction test, but as he joins Maddy on an illicit exploration of the crumbling Maddergrub Manor, he discovers the truth about the Schrunkopf Institute and his newfound friend...

The Tome of Terror

Created centuries ago by an unknown hand in the Dark Times of Chaos, the Tome Terriblis is fittingly named; for its magic is not subject to the Laws of the Wise Ones, and every spell cast by this ancient book causes damage to the elemental balance.

Luckily the Wise Ones retrieved the Tome after it was stolen from their library eight hundred years ago. Not so luckily, Bryony thinks the Tome will help her pass all her end of term exams, and ‘borrows’ it without Inglenook’s knowledge.

And when Edwin discovers his stepsister’s secret, the full destructive power of the Tome Terriblis is once again unleashed upon the world...

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Wychetts and the Tome of Terror

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