Rich in magic, mystery and humour, the Wychetts series of books are stories for 9-12 year olds which adults will also enjoy.

Wychetts (pronounced “Witch-etts”) is an ancient timber framed cottage which, although derelict and crumbling, contains an amazing magic power that is awoken accidentally by Bryony and her stepbrother Edwin.

On discovering their new-found powers, the children embark upon a series of incredible adventures that will change their lives forever!

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The Wychetts stories are available as hard/paperback and eBook formats. From time to time signed copies may also be available direct from the author. Go to the Stories page for more details.

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Here you’ll find all you need to know about the Wychetts series of books, including background information on the characters, stories and author.

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Michelle published her first book in 2014. Do You Believe in Magic: The Bluebell Fairy and Other Tales of Woodland Enchantment. Her second book Magic the Moon Bear: A Birthday Adventure is now also available.

The stories are aimed at opening the imaginations of children and encourage self awareness. The stories are mainly for bedtime reading to leave parent and child in loving reflective states.

Her fictional works are aimed at the young to inspire them to believe in themselves, that they can achieve their dreams, and to spread compassion regardless of the differences of society.

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