A pleasant country hike turns into a struggle to save the world, when a shortcut home takes Bryony, Edwin and their parents through a derelict farm manned by walking scarecrows.

Held captive by the farm’s cruel owners, the children must face their darkest fears to prevent an old enemy raising an ancient power and plunging the whole planet into eternal darkness...

The third book in the Wychetts series

by William Holley

Warning Signs

Wychetts and the Farm of Fear is available now in  paperback and multiple eBook formats!

“Forgive me, but you must be lost if you’re heading towards Barrenbrake Farm...”

They were given enough warnings...

First Captain Rathbone tried to convince Bryony, Edwin and their parents against following the footpath into Barrenbrake Farm.

Then there was the sign on the gate, a none too subtle hint that their presence might not be welcome.

But Bill is determined to take the quick route home, and unwittingly leads his family into a terrifying nightmare on a farm that harvests fear itself!