But there is only one Wychetts Key, and there are two Guardians...

A summer holiday becomes a nightmare for Bryony and Edwin when an argument about the Wychetts Key causes a freak surge of magical energy. The Key is lost, and the children are plunged into a sinister animal underworld.

On one side is the notorious Ratello Mob, the meanest rat gang ever; on the other is the Sisterhood, a brood of venomous spiders led by the twisted Widow Splicefinger.

At the mercy of the island’s criminal inhabitants, Bryony and Edwin must forge rival alliances in a quest to find the Key and control its power. But a far more terrible danger awaits them in the Pit...

The second book in the Wychetts series

by William Holley

A  Fight for Survival!

Wychetts and the Key to Magic is available now in paperback and multiple eBook formats!

“This is not the key to a door, but the Key to Magic itself.”

Eager to recover the lost Key to Magic, Bryony strikes a deal with the ruthless Ratello Mob. Following his escape from the rats’ lair, Edwin has no choice but to throw his lot in with the Widow Splicefinger and her sinister Sisterhood.

The rats and spiders embark on rival quests to find the Key and control its power, leading to an inevitable confrontation when both sides reach the Pit to claim their prize!

Will there be a fight to the death between the Mob and the Sisterhood, or will a more terrible danger eclipse their rivalry?