The fifth book in the Wychetts series sees the young Guardians in their most incredible adventure yet!

The Thunderstone has been stolen, and devastating storms are unleashed across the world...


Things get worse when Bill is kidnapped by a race of amphibious shape-shifting goblins, and it seems even the magic of the Wise Ones won’t be enough to save the day. 


Bryony sets off to find her father, whilst Edwin seeks the help of the cocky Weather Vane; but a trap has been set, and it soon becomes apparent that Wychetts’ enemies are planning more than global weather chaos... 

The third book in the Wychetts series

by William Holley

Wychetts and the Thunderstone is available NOW in printed and multiple eBook formats!

© W Holley 2014 - All Rights Reserved

Skeletal forms clothed in rags, the Storm Hags are elemental beings capable of unleashing lightning bolts from their fingertips.

Screeching fury, a swarm of these hideous creatures is sent to menace Bryony and Edwin as they seek to recover the stolen Thunderstone.

The Storm Hags cannot be destroyed, so the Guardians of Wychetts must enlist the help of a powerful ally to defeat these furies from the sky!

Elemental Furies from the Sky!

A Powerful Relic from a Lost Magical Realm

An ancient relic from the realm of Asgard, the Thunderstone has the power to create devastating storms across the whole world.

Having lain dormant for centuries, the Thunderstone becomes active when it reacts to the elemental imbalance caused by the Tome Terriblis*.

Once its location is detected, it is only a matter of time before the enemies of Wychetts steal the Thunderstone and embark upon a quest to claim an awesome magic power!

*See Wychetts and the Tome of Terror

Vane by Name and Vain by Nature

Perched on the tallest steeple on the highest hill in the county, the Weather Vane speaks to the Four Winds and knows all the latest gossip.

Inglenook sends Edwin to seek the help of this lofty bird, but the Weather Vane does not prove a willing ally.

It is only when events take an unexpected turn that the Weather Vane becomes embroiled in the quest to recover the Thunderstone and track down the Guardians’ kidnapped parents!